Jharkhand gk in English set 01

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Jharkhand gk in English set 01 : Friends today we are going to prepare 20 quality test of jharkhand general knowledge (jharkhand gk in English) which will help in home quality score. Solve after today’s jharkhand gk in English all type questions.

jharkhand gk in english 2022 Questions and Answer

1) Who was the first Nagavanshi king?

  • a) Shivdas
  • b) Anne Shah
  • c) Saurabh Narayan
  • d) Phanimukoot Rai

2) By what name was Jharkhand known in the Rigvedic period?

  • a) Kikat region
  • b) Pundaric country
  • c) forest region
  • d) none of these

3) When did the Santhal rebellion take place?

  • a) 1805 AD
  • b) 1855 AD
  • c) 1860 AD
  • d) 1880 AD

4) Who led the Kharwar movement?

  • a) Bhagirath Manjhi
  • b) Ganpat Rai
  • c) Budhuvir
  • d) Vishwanath Shahdev

5) Who was the commissioner of Chotanagpur during the revolt of 1857?

  • a) McDonald
  • b) roughage
  • c) Dalton
  • d) Simpson

6) The marriage popularly known as ‘Andi’ and ‘Oporatipi’ is related to which tribal community?

  • a) Ho
  • b) hills
  • c) shaved
  • d) Oraon

7) There are total 30 tribal communities in Jharkhand, the source of most of these tribes is-

  • a) Proto-Australoid
  • b) Ostrich
  • c) Negro
  • d) Mongoloid

8) What are the people of Khadia tribe called ‘Phad Devta’?

  • a) Boram
  • b) Gumi
  • c) Patdubo
  • d) dope

9) Which language is spoken by most of the Soria people of Santhal Parganas?

  • a) bungalow
  • b) Hindi
  • c) Urdu
  • d) Mundari

10) What do the people of the Kisan tribe call themselves?

  • a) Nagesia
  • b) Horok
  • c) Korakh
  • d) Augustputra

11) How many wild animal ashram sites are located in Jharkhand?

  • a) 11
  • b) 12
  • c) 13
  • d) 14

12) Where is the maximum production of oilseeds in Jharkhand?

  • a) Ranchi
  • b) Dumka
  • c) Hazaribagh
  • d) Palamu

13) What percentage of the total forest of Jharkhand is protected forest?

  • a) 81.27 percent
  • b) 80 percent
  • c) 85.2 percent
  • d) 88.79 percent

14) On which river is the Sadnighagh Falls situated?

  • a) Swarnarekha
  • b) conch
  • c) Konar
  • d) Ajay

15) Which is the largest and longest river of Jharkhand?

  • a) Damodar
  • b) Swarnarekha
  • c) Barakar
  • d) Son

16) Coalkaro network power project is in which state?

  • a) Bihar
  • b) Orissa
  • c) Jharkhand
  • d) Bihar-Jharkhand

17) When was the Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary established?

  • a) 1991 AD
  • b) 1995 AD.
  • c) 2000 AD
  • d) 2004 AD

18) Who decides the number of members of Jharkhand Public Service Commission?

  • a) Governor
  • b) Chief Minister
  • c) President
  • d) Defense Minister

19) The Speaker of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly is elected?

  • a) by the members of the Legislative Assembly
  • b) by the members of the Legislative Council
  • c) by the members of both the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council
  • d) none of these

20) Who is the real head of government in the state?

  • a) Governor
  • b) Chief Minister
  • c) Speaker of the Assembly
  • d) Cabinet Secretary

Hope you have read all the questions carefully and have understood all the questions of today’s Jharkhand gk in English set 01, if you have any question, then you can ask us in the comment section.

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