Creators can become rich from YouTube Shorts, just know this new update

Today people have earned millions by working on YouTube. Recently YouTube has given content creators another chance to earn money.

Content creators can now earn money through YouTube Shorts.

Nowadays 60 second videos are being made on YouTube. The company is also getting a lot of money from this, but now those who use this feature of YouTube can also earn money.

 Recently a new feature has come to tag products on YouTube Shorts.

According to Google, the feature is currently being tested in the US, Australia, India, Brazil and Canada.

After the completion of the trial, it will be activated for the rest of the people as well.

We know that recently YouTube has given the facility to add ads in its short videos as well.

YouTube Shorts will also get 45 percent money to the creators and will keep 55 percent of the revenue.

Tik Tok was banned in India some time ago, but even today its popularity in other countries has not decreased.

Tik Tok is very famous among the people for its short videos. Due to this new feature of YouTube Shorts, now Tik Tok is expected to get a tough challenge.