Noted gorgeous humans Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks have singlehandedly whacked breakup rumours on the head by making their red carpet debut together. If you moved to Byron Bay to try and pin down the ‘yuge surfing hunk o’ spunk, I apologise.

The genetically blessed couple hit the red carpet on Tuesday for Hemsworth’s latest flick Poker Face, which will be hitting Stan on November 22. I’ll never not be able to read those two words together without thinking of Lady Gaga. Her impact!

The reason this ‘lil red carpet appearance is notable is because in August, a source told In Touch that Hemsworth and Brooks had reportedly broken up after nearly three years of dating.

The insider said he’d called it quits on the relationship because “he didn’t want to be tied down” and work had picked up since the pandemic had ended.

Brooks was said to be “heartbroken”, the source added. In all honesty, I too would be devastated if Liam Hemsworth broke up with me. It wouldn’t surprise me if my heart never fluttered again, actually.

The divine duo never responded to the reports but, you know, I feel like appearing on the red carpet together is enough to show that they’re together. Obviously, there’s the possibility that Hemsworth and Brooks had a wee break and then got together again. Who knows. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

The lovebirds were first seen together in December 2019, when Hemsworth introduced Brooks to his parents, Craig and Leonie in Byron Bay. Kudos to Mama and Papa Hemsworth for spawning such handsome children.

As much as it pains me to say it, I love this for Hemsworth and Brooks. Seeing them together gives major “I’ve seen what God can do for other people” energy, which fills me with hope.